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Thermodynamic Path, Process and Cycle

Thermodynamic Path, Process and Cycle Points : thermodynamic path, process and cycle, define thermodynamic state path process and cycles The thermodynamic system undergoes transform due to energy and mass connections. Thermodynamic condition of system changes due to these connections. Form in which transform of state of a system takes place is term as method for example constant pressure process, constant volume method and so on. Allow us take gas contain in a cylinder and being heated up. Heating of gas in cylinder shall result in change in condition of gas as its pressure, temperature etc. shall enhance. Though, mode in which this change of condition in gas takes place during heat shall be stable volume mode and thus process shall be call constant volume heating method.

Path refers to series of condition changes through which system pass through a method.
Therefore, path refers to loci of different intermediate states approved through by a system during a method. Sequence refers to a usual sequence of process in such a fashion that the first and final states are equal.
Therefore, a cycle is the one in which the process transpire one after other so as to lastly bring system at similar state. Thermodynamic path in cycle is in closed loop form. After occurrence of a cyclic method system shall show no sign of the processes have occurred.
Mathematically, it can be said that the returning integral of any property in a cycle is zero, that is.,
ะค dp = 0, where p is several thermodynamic property.
Thermodynamic process, path and cycle are made known on p-v diagram.

1—2—3—4—1 = Cycle
1—2, 2—3, 3—4 & 4—1 = Path
1—2 & 3—4 = Constant volume processes
2—3 & 4—1 = Constant pressure processes

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