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Differentiate between Product Layout Process Layout

Differentiate between Product Layout Process Layout Points : differentiate between product layout process layout, comparison of line or product layout and process or functional layout
Differentiate between Product Layout and Process Layout
Product Layout
Process Layout
1.Capital asset required is extra in this layout.Capital investment necessary is comparatively less in this layout.
2.Monotony in working is extra as jobs are repetitive in nature in this explained.Repetitiveness in working is less as jobs are non-repetitive in this layout.
3.Full automation in material handling is feasible in this layout.Automation in material handle is not efficient in this layout.
4.It is destined for mass production and very less job variety.It is meant for reasonable production and extra job variety.
5.Space necessary for similar amount of production is less.Space necessary for similar amount of production is moderately more.
6.Production planning and control is simple.Production preparation and control is moderately difficult.
7.In line or product layout, like machines are given according to sequence of process necessary for manufacturing the product.In method or functional layout, like machines are approved in one location for manufacturing product.
8.It is use in mass production or assembly exertion.It is use in job order creation or maintenance work of non-repetitive kind.
9.Breakdown of one machine affects wholly in this layout.Breakdown of one machine does not affect so much in this layout.
10.Work flexibility is very less in this layout.Work flexibility is extra in this layout.
11.Inventory condition is less.Inventory necessity is moderately more.
12.Less able workers are required reasonably.Extra skilled workers are required.
13.Job movement is extremely less.Job movement is moderately more.
14.Work flow is even in this layout.Work flow is not smooth in this layout.
15.Machine operation is poor in this layout.Machinery utilization is enhanced in this layout.
16.Time taken in completion of creation is less.Time taken in completion of creation is more.
17.It leads to transfer lines.It leads to group technology.
18.Excellence of product is not so good.Quality of product excellence is better.

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