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Comparison between Involute and Cycloidal Gears

Comparison between Involute and Cycloidal Gears Points : Comparison between Involute and Cycloidal Gears In definite observe, involute gears are extra generally use as compare to cycloidal gears, due to follow advantages: Advantages of involute gears 1. The main advantage of involute gears is that centre distance for a pair of involute gears can be various in limits with no changing velocity ratio. This is not proper for cycloidal gears which requires correct centre distance to be maintain.

2. In involute gears, pressure angle, as of start of engagement of teeth to end of engagement, remains constant. It is required for even running and less wear of gears. But in cycloidal gears, pressure angle is most at beginning of engagement, decrease to zero at pitch point, starts rising and again becomes highest at end of engagement. This results in less smooth operation of gears.

3. Face and flank of involute teeth are generate through a single curve while in cycloidal gears, double curves (that is epicycloid and hypocycloid) are necessary for face and flank correspondingly. Therefore the involute teeth are simple to manufacture than cycloidal teeth. In involute system, basic rack has straight teeth and the similar can be cut by simple tools.
Advantages of cycloidal gears 1. As cycloidal teeth have wider flanks, thus cycloidal gears are stronger than involute gears for the equal pitch. Due to this cause, cycloidal teeth are prefer specifically for cast teeth.

2. In cycloidal gears, contact takes place among a convex flank and concave surface, while in involute gears, convex surfaces are in contact. This form results in less wear in cycloidal gears as evaluate to involute gears. Though the dissimilarity in wear is negligible.

3. In cycloidal gears, interfering does not occur at all. While there are advantages of cycloidal gears but they are outweigh through greater cleanness and flexibility of involute gears.

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