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Causes of Gear Tooth Failure

Causes of Gear Tooth Failure Points : Causes of Gear Tooth Failure, Pitting, Abrasive Wear, Bending Failure, Corrosive Wear, Scoring The unusual mode of failure of gear teeth and their feasible remedy to shun failure, are as follows: 1. Pitting It is surface fatigue stoppage which happen due to various recurrence of Hertz contact stresses. Failure occurs while surface contact stresses are more than the endurance limit of material. The failure starts by the arrangement of pits which carry on to grow resulting in break of tooth surface. In order to shun pitting, dynamic load among the gear tooth must be less than the wear strength of gear tooth. 2. Abrasive Wear The distant particles in lubricants for example dirt, dust or burr enter among tooth and damage form of tooth. This type of breakdown can be avoid through provide filters for lubricating oil or by using high viscosity lubricant oil which enables formation of thicker oil film and therefore permits simple passage of such particles with no damaging gear surface. 3. Bending Failure All gear tooth perform as a cantilever. If total recurring dynamic load acting on gear tooth is more than beam strength of gear tooth, then gear tooth by fail in bending, that is gear tooth by break. In arrange to shun such letdown, module and face width of gear is familiar so that beam strength is more than dynamic load. 4. Corrosive Wear Corrosion of tooth surfaces is mostly cause due to presence of corrosive elements for example additives present in lubricating oils. In order to shun this type of wear, correct anti-corrosive additives should be use. 5. Scoring The extreme heat is generating while there is an extreme surface pressure, high speed or provide of lubricant fails. It is a stick-slip occurrence in which interchange shearing and welding takes place fast at high spots. This kind of breakdown can be avoid through correctly designing the parameters for example speed, pressure and proper flow of lubricant, so that temperature at rubbing faces is in allowable limits.

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