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Advantages and Disadvantages of Electrostatic Voltmeter

Advantages and Disadvantages of Electrostatic Voltmeter Points : advantages and disadvantages of electrostatic voltmeter Advantages
  1. They are unchanged by stray attractive fields, though electrostatic fields (set up. for instance, through such a simple method as rubbing glass of case to clean it can reason extensive errors.
  2. They draw small power as of mains. Therefore such voltmeters do not change condition of circuit to which they are linked.
  3. Their readings are free of waveform and frequency.
  4. They can use for both d.c and a.c. measurements.
  5. They are free as of hysteresis and eddy current losses as no iron is use in their creation.
  1. As working force is commonly small, errors due to friction are tricky to avoid.
  2. Their scale is non-uniform; being crowded in start of scale.
  3. The working force is extremely small for low voltages so that they are principally proper for amount of high voltages.
  4. They are classy, large in size and are not robust in creation.

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