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General Procedure in Machine Design

General Procedure in Machine Design Points : General Procedure in Machine Design In design a machine part, there is no inflexible rule. The difficulty can be attempt in numerous ways. Though, general process to solve a design difficulty is as follows: 1. Recognition of Need Initially, create a whole statement of problem, indicating need, aim or function for which the machine is to be designed. 2. Synthesis (Mechanisms) Choose the feasible mechanism or group of mechanisms which will give the preferred motion. 3. Analysis of Forces Locate the forces acting on every member of machine and energy transmits through every member. 4. Material Selection Choose material best suited for every member of machine. 5. Design of Elements (Size and Stresses) Locate size of every member of machine through considering force acting on member and the allowable stresses for material use. It must be kept in mind that every member should not prevent or deform than the allowable limit. 6. Modification Adjust size of part to agree by the past experience and decision to make easy manufacture. The modification can also be required through consideration of manufacturing to decrease overall cost. 7. Detailed Drawing Draw detailed drawing of every part and assembly of machine by complete specification for the manufacturing processes suggested. 8. Production The element, as per drawing, is manufactured in workshop. The flow chart for general procedure in machine design.

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