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Classifications of Machine Design

Classifications of Machine Design Points :classifications of machine design, adaptive design, development design, new design Machine design is classified as given below: 1. Adaptive Design In the majority cases, designer work is worried by variation of presented designs. This kind of design wants no special information or skill and can be attempt with designers of regular technical training. The designer just makes small alternation or change in presented designs of the product. 2. Development Design This type of design wants extensive technical training and design capability in order to adjust the presented designs into a latest idea with adopting a new material or unusual technique of manufacture. In this case, while the designer starts as of the presented design, but final product can differ fairly clearly as of the original product. 3. New Design This type of design wants lot of examines scientific skill and inventive thinking. Just those designers who contain personal qualities of a suitably high order can take up work of a new design. Designs, depend on the methods use, can be classified as follows: (a) Industrial design This type of design depends upon production aspect to make any machine element in the industry. (b) Rational design This type of design depends upon mathematical formulae of theory of mechanics. (c) Optimum design It is the greatest design for given objective function under particular constraints. It can be achieve by minimising the adverse effects. (d) Empirical design This type of design depends upon empirical formulae derived from the practice and past experience. (e) System design It is design of a few difficult mechanical systems similar to a motor car. (f) Element design It is design of any element of mechanical system like piston, connecting rod, crankshaft and so on. (g) Computer aided design This type of design depends upon use of computer systems to help in creation, modification, analysis and optimisation of design.

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