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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Air Refrigeration System

Air Refrigeration System Points : air refrigeration system Air cycle refrigeration is one of the first methods of cooling developed. It became obsolete for several years as of its low coefficient of performance (COP) and high working costs. It has, though been functional recently to air craft refrigeration systems, where by low equipment weight, it can use a piece of cabin air according to supercharger power. The main feature of air refrigeration system, is that throughout the cycle the refrigerant remains in Ram air.Is compressed by main compressor COMP driven by a power turbine PT. The compressed air at cooled to in a air to air heat exchanger HE, expanded in a cc turbine C to cold air at 4, .too cool for the cabin, therefore mixed with the ram air, and then supplied to the carbon CAB. Ram air is utilize in three ways: (i) for additional compression, addition with cold air from expansion turbine, and (ii) air to air exchanger through which more flow is assisted by a fan drive cooler turbine, lastly ram air goes to waste.

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