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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Quality Control - Fill in the Blanks

Quality Control - Fill in the Blanks Points : quality control mechanical engineering, metrology, mechanical technology, mcqs, evaluation, judgment, gauging, rating, consideration, analysis, examination, workup, test, review, objective type question and answer, fill in the blanks Fill in the Blanks
  1. Quality is every body’s business and only the duty of the persons in the inspection staff.
  2. The objective of quality control is to be located Identify the process faults so as to control defective, scrap and waste.
  3. To reject the correct goods, if it is possible in quality control, this procedure is known as Rehabilitation defective goods.
  4. Line diagrams, graphs, or histograms is he tool Quality Control.
  5. Quality control in its simplest term, is the control of Quality Manufacturing.
  6. Quality of any product is regarded as the degree which it fulfills the requirements of the customer.
  7. Quality may simply be defined as fitness for purposes at Lowest Cost.
  8. The totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs is called Quality.
  9. A specification should refer to or include drawings patterns or other Relevant documents.
  10. To take necessary Corrective measures so as to maintain the quality of the products is the objective of quality control.
  11. Quality is not absolute but it can only be judged or realized by Comparing with standards.
  12. By using PCA, the Piece to Piece variation can be further de composed into a set of independent geometrical variation modes.
  13. The objective of Quality Control is to improve quality and productivity by process control and experimentation.
  14. The purpose of a quality audit is to evaluate needs for improvement or Corrective action.
  15. To suggest methods and ways to prevent the manufacturing difficulties, is the function of Quality Control department.

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