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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Introduction to Technical Measurement - True and False

Introduction to Technical Measurement - True and False Points : introduction to technical measurement, true and false, metrology, mcqs, evaluation, objective type question and answer, mechanical technology True and False
  1. In France the decimal metric system was exclusively adopted with the law of 4 July 1837. T
  2. Measurement errors arc often assumed to be normally distributed about the true value of the measured quantity. T
  3. Metrology not includes theoretical and practical aspects of measurement. F
  4. Measurement is defined by the international Bureau of weights and measures (BJPM). T
  5. The calibration may be traced to an internationally accepted system of standards or reference materials. T
  6. ISO/IEC 17025 is the main standard used by testing and calibration laboratories. T
  7. Quality inspectors should have the working knowledge of the general quality standards. T
  8. Inspection does not controls the quality of the product and is not muslin a production shop. F
  9. Metrology is an old science, which has evolved over many centuries. T
  10. Applied or industrial metrology not concerns the applied of measurement science to manufacturing. F
  11. For detecting defects in material, Non-destructive testing method is employed. T
  12. Functional inspection and endurance inspection is not the kinds of inspection. F
  13. Chief inspector is not the head of inspection department. F
  14. It is the duty of chief inspector, to reject the products which are below standard. T
  15. It is the duty of quality inspector to train the staff carry out their duties effectively. F
  16. The penetrant is than applied to the surface of the item being tested. T
  17. Lot by lot inspection method was developed to eliminate the high cost of screening inspection. T
  18. The standards for other finished products will ensure that product will satisfy the customer. T
  19. The purpose of lot by lot inspection method of inspection is to search out defective products. F
  20. The inspection is the responsibility of the chief inspector. F

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