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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Working of Supercharged Boiler

Working of Supercharged Boiler Points : Working of Supercharged Boiler Combustion in supercharged boiler carried by pressurized combustion method at 5-6 bars. Heated feed water as of economizer and too as of boiler drum are mix and supplied to evaporating tubes where it is changed into wet steam and additional heating is carried out in evaporating tube and steam is discharged in boiler drum. Approximately dry steam as of drum is superheated in superheater before it is supplied to steam turbine. The high pressure exhaust gases as of boiler are use to run a gas turbine. Power developed through gas turbine is use turbine is use to run compressor with other auxiliaries. Turbine exhaust gases are use to heat feed water in the economizer and lastly these are exhausted to surrounding by chimney.

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