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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Working of Schmidt-Hartmann Boiler

Working of Schmidt-Hartmann Boiler Points : Working of Schmidt-Hartmann Boiler Schmidth-Hartmann boiler is unusual as of other boiler because in this boiler distilled water is use for generation of high pressure steam which is recalculated with no any consumption in circuit. This high pressure steam is use for production of low pressure steam as of impure water. Distilled water as of water drum goes in into the primary evaporating tubes through natural circulation. Steam at 95-100 bar pressure is making in thee evaporating tubes by the help of hot flue gases circulated above tubes as of combustion chamber. This steam enters using primary separator into tubes submerge in impure water of evaporator or steam drum. The exchange of heat among high pressure steam and impure water allocate water to be changed into steam at a pressure of 55-60 bar which is extra passed into superheater for superheating purpose. Superheated stem is finally supplied to steam turbine. The condensate of high pressure steam collect from drum pass through the feed water preheater where it heat low pressure feed water up to its saturation temperature. The low pressure (L.P.) feed water is pump into preheater by the help of feed pump.

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