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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Working of La Mont Boiler

Working of La Mont Boiler Points : Working of La Mont Boiler Feed water as of hot well is supply to a storage and separating drum through economizer. The majority of sensible heat is supplied to feed water passing through economizer. A centrifugal pump flow the water equal to 8 to 10 ties weight of steam evaporated. This water is circulated through evaporator tubes and part of water evaporated is separated in separator drum. The large amount of water circulated prevents the tubes as of being overheated. Centrifugal pump deliver the feed water to headers at pressure of 2.5 bars above drum pressure. The distribution header distributes water through the nozzle into evaporator. Steam divided in the boiler is extra passed through the superheater and then supplied to turbine. The air drawn through the blower is preheated in air preheater through the flue gases before these are discharged through chimney. The heated air from air preheater is supplied to combustion chamber and it improves the combustion efficiency.

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