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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Velox Boiler

Velox Boiler Points : Velox Boiler, Definition This boiler is fire tube boiler have forced flow. Boiler has compressor, gas turbine, feed pump, generator, circulation pump and so on. as its basic components. Therefore Velox boiler unit is a dense steam generating plant. Boiler has a compressor give high pressure air at about 3 bar into oil burner so as to make combustion products at high pressure and therefore have hot flue gases flow through fire tubes at extremely high velocity of order of supersonic velocity. Flue gases flowing at supersonic velocity make easy very high rate of heat communication among two fluids. Combustion gap is lined by concentric vertical tubes have hot flue gases passing through inner tube and water surrounding it in external tube. Hot flue gases go by through superheater section and then enter into gas turbine for its increase. Gas turbine drives compressor use for produce compressed air. Extended gases coming out of gas turbine at concerning 100 m/sec enter into economiser where feed water picks up heat as of gas turbine drain. The hot feed water coming out of economiser is send into steam/water drum as of where water is spread through vertical concentric tubes by circulating pump. Through water flow in combustion volume space it partly gets changed into steam and mixture is injected creatively into drum. Lateral discharge of mixture form a circulatory flow cause steam release due to centrifugal act, therefore parting of water/steam. Steam is then pass through superheater section as water is again circulated by circulation pump. Steam pass during steam headers after superheating. Extra energy, if any in gas turbine is use with alternator attach to it which supplements electricity necessity in various auxiliary devices. This boiler are extremely flexible and proficient of quick starting. General efficiency of boiler unit is about 55–60%. Boiler is competent of handling maximum of 100 tons/hr water which is limited with the limitation of maximum power condition in compressor.

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