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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Schmidt-Hartmann Boiler

Schmidt-Hartmann Boiler Points : Schmidt-Hartmann Boiler Schmidt-Hartmann Boiler operation is related to an electric transformer. Two pressures are use to influence an interchange of energy. In primary circuit, the steam at 100 bar is created as of distilled water. This steam is pass through a submerge heating coil which is place in an evaporator drum. High pressure steam in this coil possesses enough thermal potential and steam at 60 bars by a heat transfer rate of 2.5 kW/m2 -°C is generate in evaporator drum. The steam created in evaporator drums as of impure water is extra pass through the superheater and then supplied to prime-mover. High pressure condensate produced in sub- merged heating coil is circulated through a low pressure feed heater on its method to increase feed water temperature to its saturation temperature. Thus, just latent heat is supplied in evaporator drum. Natural circulation is use in primary circuit and this is enough to effect the preferred rate of heat transfer and to overcome the thermo-siphon head of on 2 m to 10 m. In normal circumstances, replenishment of distilled water in primary circuit is not required as each care is taken in design and construction to stop leakage. But as a safeguard against leakage, a pressure gauge and safety valve are fitted in circuit.

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