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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Loeffler Boiler

Loeffler Boiler Points : Loeffler Boiler, Definition Loeffler boiler is a forced circulation form boiler having equally direct and indirect type of heat replace among superheated steam/water with hot gases/steam in that order. Now the hot combustion gases rising out of furnace are first use for superheating of steam and second for reheating/economiser part Steam creation is realized through superheated steam being insert into evaporator drum. Saturated steam hence generates in evaporator drum as a result of combination of superheated steam and water is picked up through steam circulation pump. This pump forces saturated steam at high pressure through superheater tubes where hot flue gases as of furnace superheat steam coming as of evaporator. Flue gases then pass through reheater/economiser sections. Superheated steam surfacing of superheater section is partially taken out through steam main and remain is injected into evaporator drum. Usually superheated steam is separated in proportion of 1 : 2 for steam major and evaporator drum in that order. Feed water to boiler is pumped through feed pump through economiser section to evaporator drum. Commonly steam generated is at pressure of on 120 bar and temperature of 500C. Loeffler boiler is valuable in many respects for example there is no possibility of soot statement in evaporator section. Too by use of higher pressure steam heat transfer rate gets improved. This boiler is greatly compact as compare to other natural circulation boilers.

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