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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Difference between Forced and Induced Draught

Difference between Forced and Induced Draught Points : difference between forced and induced draught, comparison of forced and induced draught, forced draught vs induced draught, air-cooled heat exchangers
Difference between Forced and Induced Draught
Forced Draught
Induced Draught
1.Better access to mechanical components.Mechanical components are harder to access because they are over the tubes.
2.Air Factor is less (handles only cold air).Air Factor is more (handles air and fuel at elevated temp).
3.No Temperature limit.Limited to about 95°C (200°F) to prevent possible damage to fan blades, bearings, belts, and other components in air stream.
4.Gas Volume is low.Gas volume is high.
5.Easily adaptable for warm air recirculation during freezing conditions.Warm discharge air not recirculated.
6.Rate of burning is good.Rate of burning is satisfactory.
7.Total exposure of tubes to sun, rain, and hail.Less effect from sun, rain, and hail because 60% of face is cover.
8.No air leakage in to the furnace.Air leakage is possible in to the furnace.
9.Poor distribution of air over the section.Better distribution of air across section.
10.Fan life is satisfactory.Fan life is poor.

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