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Friday, 7 November 2014

Power Steering System

Power Steering System Points : Power Steering System, Power Steering Pumps, Pressure Relief Valve, Power Steering hoses, Car There is an engine driver pump and hydraulic system in power steering system. The two devices assist the steering action.

The pump creates pressure, which is used to operate a piston and cylinder assembly when the control valve routes oil pressure into one end of the piston, the piston slides in its cylinders. This piston movement is used to move the steering system components and front wheels of the car. Remember that the fluid cannot be compressed and it converts the power applied to it as it is.

There are three major types of power steering systems used on modern autos:
1. Integral piston — linkage type
2. External piston — linkage type
3. Rack and pinion type.

The rack and pinion system is further divided into the integral and external power piston. The integral rack and pinion power steering system is the most common.
Power Steering Pumps It is a pump which is driver by the engine. It produces hydraulic pressure for system operation. A belt running from the engine crankshaft fully rotates the pump.

During pump operation, the drive belt-turns the pump shaft and pumping elements. Oil is pulled into one side of the pump by vacuum. The oil is then trapped and pushed to a smaller area inside the pump. This pressurizes the oil at the output and oil flows to the rest of the power steering system.
Pressure Relief Valve A pressure relief Valve is used in a power steering system to control the exceeding oil pressure. When the oil pressure exceeds a preset limit the relief valve opens and relieves the system. This is why it is called as pressure relief valve. Shows fundamental operation of a pressure relief valve in a power steering pump.
Power Steering Hoses Power steering hoses are high-pressure, hydraulic, rubber hoses that connect the power steering pump and the integral gearbox or Power Cylinder. One line (pipe) a pressure feed hose and the other acts as a return line to the reservoir.

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