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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Parts of the Brake System

Parts of the Brake System Points : Parts of the Brake System Before detailing the construction and operation of each part, we should have a bask understanding of a brake s stem. It shows the major components of simple system study the location o parts as they are introduced. 1. Brake Pedal Assembly It is a foot lever for operating master cylinder and power booster. 3. Brake Booster It is a vacuum or power steering operated device for assisting brake pedal application. 4. Brake Lives These are metal tubing and rubber hose for transmitting pressure to wheel brake assembly. 5. Wheel Brake Assemblies These are also known as wheel cylinders. These use system pressure to produce friction for slowing or stopping wheel rotation. 6. Emergency or Parking Brake This is a mechanical system for applying seal wheel brake assemblies.

When the driver pushes on brake pedal. lever action pushes a rod in to the brake booster and master cylinder. This produces hydraulic pressure in master cylinder. Fluid flows through the brake lives to wheel cylinders. The wheel cylinder uses this pressure to cause friction for braking.

As emergency or parking braking brake system uses cables or rock to mechanically apply the rear brakes. This provides a system for holding the wheel on hills or during complete hydraulic brake system failure.

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