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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Brake System Diagnosis and Repair

Brake System Diagnosis and Repair Points : Brake System Diagnosis and Repair The brake system is the not important system on a car from a safety stand point. The customer trusts the technician to do every service and repair operation correctly. When working on a brake system, always keep in mind that a brake system failure could result air a deadly auto accident.

Use symptom is such as noise, smells, abnormal brake pedal movements and improper braking action when diagnosing brake system problems. Listen to the customer complaints. Then inspect the brake system or test drive the car. You must verify the problem by studying the symptoms. The charts that follow relate various braking troubles to their possible causes and corrections, there are two charts, one for drum type brakes and the other for disk type brakes. The charts give you a many of logically tracing down troubles (0 their actual causes. This provides quick location of causes and quick correction.

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