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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Investment Casting

Investment Casting Points : Investment Casting Process, Lost Wax Process The investment casting process is too call lost wax process begins by production of wax replica or patterns of preferred shape of castings. Pattern is required for each casting to be produced. Patterns are arranged with injecting wax or polystyrene in metal dies. Numbers of patterns are attaching to central wax sprue to form a assembly. Mold is prepared through surrounding pattern by refractory slurry that can set at room temperature. Mold is then heated so that pattern melts with flows out, exit a clean cavity behind. Mould is extra tough through heating and molten metal is pour as it is still hot. As the casting is solidified, mold is broken and casting taken out.

The necessary steps of investment casting method are:
1. Production of heat-disposable wax, plastic, or polystyrene patterns.
2. Assembly of these patterns onto a gating system.
3. Investing or covering pattern assembly by refractory slurry.
4. Melting pattern assembly to take away the pattern material.
5. Firing the mold to remove last traces of pattern material.
6. Pouring.
7. Knockout, cutoff and finishing.

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