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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Centrifugal Casting

Centrifugal Casting Points : Centrifugal Casting Process, True Centrifugal casting, Semi Centrifugal Casting, Centrifuge Casting Centrifugal casting refers to some casting methods in which mold are rotate at high speed so that centrifugal force distributes molten metal to outer area of die cavity. The group includes:
1. True Centrifugal Casting
2. Semi Centrifugal Casting
3. Centrifuge Casting
1. True Centrifugal Casting True Centrifugal casting is a metal casting method that uses forces make by centripetal acceleration to distribute molten material in mold. Centrifugal casting has several applications in manufacturing production in the present day. The method has some very precise advantages. Cast parts manufactured in industry contain different pipes and tubes, for example gas pipes, sewage pipes, and water supply lines, moreover rings, bushings, the liner for engine cylinders, street lamp posts and brake drums. The molds uses in true centrifugal casting manufacture are round, and are usually made of iron, steel, or graphite. Several sort of refractory lining or sand might be use for inner surface of mold.
2. Semi Centrifugal Casting Semicentrifugal casting manufacture is a variation of proper centrifugal casting. The major dissimilarity is that in semicentrifugal casting mold is filled entirely by molten metal, which is supplied to casting through a central sprue. Castings manufactured with this method will have rotating symmetry. A lot of the details of manufacturing method of semicentrifugal casting are similar as those of true centrifugal casting. For a improved understanding of this process and centrifugal casting manufacture in general see true centrifugal casting. Parts manufactured in industry use this metal casting process contains such things as pulleys, and wheels for track automobile.
3. Centrifuge Casting Centrifuge casting is third major branch of centrifugal casting processes use for industrial manufacture of cast parts. For extra detailed information on other two manufacturing process that fit into the group of centrifugal casting see, true centrifugal casting and semicentrifugal casting. Mounting an understanding of this method will wholly assist in learning about centrifuge casting, as major principles that govern centrifuge casting are the similar for all centrifugal casting processes. Centrifuge casting is different in that castings manufactured by the centrifuge casting process require not have rotational symmetry. By centrifuge casting, metal castings of preferred shapes can pretend by all the different benefits of castings formed by a centrifugal casting process.

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