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Distortion or Camber Allowance

Distortion or Camber Allowance Points : Distortion or Camber Allowance, Metal Casting, Foundry, Moulding Sometimes castings obtain unclear, through solidification, due to their usual shape. Such as, if casting has shape of letter U, V, T and so on. It will be likely to contract at closed end reason the vertical legs to look faintly inclined. This can prevent with making the legs of U, V, T, shaped pattern converge a little (inward) so that casting after distortion will have its sides vertical. The twist in casting can occur due to inside stresses. These internal stresses are cause on account of uneven cooling of dissimilar section of casting and hindered reduction. Measure taken to stop the bend in casting includes:
i. Providing proper allowance on pattern, call camber or distortion allowance.
ii. Give enough machining allowance to cover distortion affect.
iii. Alteration of casting design.

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