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Advantages and Disadvantages of Casting Process

Advantages and Disadvantages of Casting Process Points : Advantages and Disadvantages of Metal Casting Process Advantages
  1. Molten material can flow into extremely small sections so that difficult shapes can prepare with this process. As a result, various other operations, for example forging, machining and welding, can minimize or remove.
  2. The essential tools necessary for casting molds are extremely easy and inexpensive. As a result, for manufacture of a small lot, it is perfect process.
  3. There are definite parts prepared as of metals and alloys that can only be process this method.
  4. As metal can placed precisely where it is requisite, large saving in weight can achieved.
  5. It is feasible to cast almost any material that is ferrous or non-ferrous.
  6. Size and weight of result is not a limitation for casting process.
  1. One more disadvantage of metal casting is that it is very dangerous. People involved in this industrial method must be much trained, and even then, accidents happen. Molten metal can make temperatures of more 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, so one little mistake or equipment go wrong can lead to serious injury or death.
  2. Dimensional precision and surface finish of castings prepared through sand casting process are a limitation to this method. Various new casting method have been developed which can take into concern the aspect of dimensional precision and surface finish. Several of these processes are die casting process, vacuum-sealed molding process, investment casting process, and shell molding process.
  3. However casting is cheapest for mass production, it becomes non economical in case of job production. Sand casting leaves rough surface which needs machining in mainly of cases. It adds up cost in production.
  4. Cast products are enhanced for compressible loads but they are extremely poor in tensile or shock loads.
  5. Again in sand casting, poor dimensional accuracy is achieved.
  6. Metal casting process is a labor intensive method.

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