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Solar Energy

Solar Energy Points : Solar Energy, What is Solar Energy As of the utilization pattern of different fossil fuels (fuel oil, natural gas, coal, et cetera.), it has be predictable to petroleum products with coal are not going to last ahead of 50 and 100 years respectively.
When a result, all country wants to expand technologies which formulate use of non- conventional sources of energy for example wind, solar, tidal and geothermal. In spite of the huge distance among the sun and earth, radiation output with sun is extremely powerful. Earth is protected as of damaging effect of radiation with air which environment the earth mostly by the ozone layer in stratosphere. It has been predictable to earth get about 1018 kWh of solar energy each year. The sum worldwide yearly energy necessity is about 80 x 1012 kWh. These shows that world energy utilization can be met if a small percentage of sunlight incidents on earth is efficiently utilize.

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