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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Differentiate Facing Sand and Parting Sand

Differentiate Facing Sand and Parting Sand Points : Differentiate Facing Sand and Parting Sand, Comparison between Facing sand and Parting sand Facing Sand This sand forms a very well face of the mould. Facing sand is use straight next to the surface of the pattern and it comes into contact by the molten metal while the mould is pour. It is thus, subject to the mainly brutal condition and thus must possess high strength and refractoriness. It is prepared of silica sand with clay, with no the adding of use sand. This sand might contain a thickness of 10-25 mm, unusual types; of carbon identified as facing materials are use to avoid the metal as of flaming into the sand. Parting Sand Parting sand mould is usually arranged in two or three boxes. Those boxes are divided as of adhering to each other by spreading fine sharp dry sand call parting sand. This sand is moreover using to remain the green sand as of sticking to the pattern. It is clean clay-free silica sand. A few time burnt core sand, i.e. core Sand clean as of castings. They are in crushed shape and use by dusting them one parting surface.

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